TI-Indonesia: KPK’s Independence is Under Siege, Cooperation Between All Parties is Needed

Jakarta (4/7) – Anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) must be free from all forms of intervention and conflicts of interest. This support was conveyed by Transparency International Indonesia (TII), an international anti-corruption organization, at the launch of the 2019 ACA Performance Evaluation Results today at the KPK’s Red and White Building. TII sees the collaboration of all parties needed to ensure the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) runs independently.

“Amid the still high corruption situation, as indicated by the insignificant increase in the score of the Indonesian Corruption Perception Index, maintaining and protecting the independence of the KPK is absolutely necessary,” said Dadang Trisasongko, Secretary General of TII. “This research maps out what aspects have been good or which still need to be strengthened so that they can become relevant material for the KPK leaders’ selection committee.”

In its 15-years journey, the KPK was judged to have contributed positively through the crackdown on major corruption cases, arresting more than 1,000 public officials with a success rate of more than 75%, encouraging reform of the National Police and Prosecutors’ Office, and public awareness in instilling a spirit of integrity. However, various efforts that disrupted the independence of the KPK’s work were also seen to be still prevalent.

From the results of the research, TII said that the KPK had a large modality because it supported by adequate supporting environment factors. “Judging from the range of 6 dimensions distributed to 50 indicators through a strict methodology, TII found that the internal supporting factors of the KPK accounted for 85.71%, where management of human resources must be a priority of improvement,” said TII researcher Alvin Nicola in his presentation.

While 78.13% of the external supporting factors of the KPK are considered to still be obstacles to the work of the KPK, especially those related to formal legal authority in accelerating operational and budgetary authority. “Ensuring the establishment of KPK independence is the duty of all parties. In addition to improving the vision of HR and strengthening internal control, all parties must ensure that the KPK can prosecute cases independently and without intervention.”

Since 2013, Transparency International has a strong commitment to develop a practical and comprehensive tool that reviews the strengths and weaknesses of anti-corruption institutions. This “ACA Strengthening Initiative” is designed with reference to the Jakarta Principles. This study involves the collection of primary and secondary data, context analysis and assessment of predetermined indicators. Each indicator is assessed with three possible scores, namely high, medium or low. The field review was conducted from March 14 to April 12, 2019, followed by a series of consultations and validations.

TII found that the KPK obtained one dimension which had a percentage above 85 percent, namely the dimensions of Prevention, Education and Outreach (88 percent); four dimensions that have a percentage between 70-85 percent namely dimensions a) Independence and Status (83 percent), b) Accountability and Integrity (78 percent), c) Detection, Investigation and Prosecution (83 percent), and d) Cooperation and External Relations (83 percent. While the dimensions of Human Resources and Budget dimensions get a percentage below 70% with a percentage of 67 percent.

Based on the various findings above, TII recommends that KPK needs immediately pay great attention to fixing organizational governance and using its independent authority with a focus on long-term human resource investment. TII also encourages the KPK to more fully carry out the function of coordination and supervision of the National Police and the Attorney General’s Office, which continues to carry out reform at the Regional Government level. The Government and Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia need to ensure and protect the work of the KPK that is independent and free from conflicts of interest.

Contact Person: Alvin Nicola – (+62) 857 1624 9112/anicola@ti.or.id

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Anti Corruption Agencies Assessment Phase II

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