Support from Transparency International Indonesia and other community organizations, is very necessary.
We want to strengthen the community so they are able to access information and use this information as a tool to influence the process of making forest policy in Indonesia.

We hope is that together with the people we can be fully involved in the planning and implementation of these government programs.
So that they benefit the people and are in accordance with their wishes.
We intend to share the information with the communities who need it.

- Dadang Trisasongko, Secretary General Transparency International Indonesia
- Anang Juhaidi, Kalimantan Huma Hijau Institute (KH2 Institute)
- Alpian, Masyarakat Bereng Bengkel
- Rusmadi, Mantir Adat Bereng Bengkel

- Lahan Gambut Sejuta Hektar, Bereng Bengkel, Palangkaraya, Center Kalimantan, Indonesia