The agenda to eradicate corruption is not an easy task. Aside from the rule of law and system reform, a cultural approach
to change attitude, understanding and permissiveness of Indonesian people towards corruption must start from the early age. At this point the youth role is important. In quantity, there are 26% (62 million people) of Indonesian population based on 2010 Census between the ages of 15-30 years old. In DKI Jakarta Province, similar age category is 2,9 million people (31%).

Building such facilitation for young people in 2010 was started by Transparency International Indonesia. SPEAK! (Youth Voices against Corruption) was built as an initiative run and ruled by young people on anticorruption movement. Yet, to ensure that such initiatives are effective, there needs to be greater understanding of the beliefs, behaviors and experiences which make up the integrity of Indonesian youth.

The Youth Integrity Survey piloting Jakarta which interviews 1,006 youth on their attitudes to integrity and corruption, are intended to improve such understanding, thus helping to establish more targeted and effective anticorruption initiatives.