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The first time Yoyok Riyo Sudibyo, the 43-year-old Regent of Batang, Central Java, dealt with the bureaucracy was when he…

At a public event called Art to Combat Corruption (Seni Lawan Korupsi), dozens of artists are showcasing paintings, photographs and…


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Jakarta, January 25, 2017 - Indonesia consistently shows improvement in eradicating public sector corruption. This consistent improvement will only produce an immediate result if accompanied by real measures from all parties to strengthen business integrity…




By Ilham B. Saenong

Linida, as beautiful it may sound is not somebody’s name, nor a government project. It is a story of people engagement in negotiating their demands to shape the development agenda and improve public services in Batang district, Central Java, Indonesia.


"The slow progress of CPI score was caused by enforcement efforts that focused only on the bureaucracy sector. The strategy has not significantly addressed corruption in politics, legal and private sector”.

Dadang Trisasongko, addressing on CPI Score 2016

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